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Ryan C. Schaner

Ryan Schaner has a Bachelor of Arts in finance and economics from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, and has been in the financial services industry for nearly a decade. He has come to realize that there are a lot of moving parts to planning for retirement income, and he enjoys taking the time to educate his clients on this important process. In this line of work, Ryan has had the opportunity to help unite and strengthen his community by assisting people in living the future they’ve planned for.

Ryan focuses on helping clients formulate a retirement income strategy to help them not just simply retire but retire without unnecessary stress. In the retirement stage of life, most people need a plan for generating income. He understands that retirement is all about income, not assets.

Ryan is passionate about helping eliminate the confusion of retirement and legacy planning. He enjoys working with people in the wealth preservation stage (ages 55-70) and the distribution stage (ages 70+) of the financial journey, when a higher degree of safety, income, and taxes is most vital. Now he wants to help you achieve your retirement goals by optimizing your Social Security and other income streams during retirement.

Ryan was born and raised in Hudsonville, Michigan. He and his wife, Holly, have three wonderful girls.

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